Our Story

The Society was founded in 1829, and believe we are one of the oldest provincial horticultural societies in the country.  The Society was established for the purpose of creating a greater interest in horticulture amongst the people of Norfolk and Norwich and to disseminate knowledge in such matters.

The idea of establishing a Horticultural Society in Norwich, if not originally entertained, was at least first brought into action in August 1829 by the efforts of Thomas Startling Norgate of Hethersett.   At the first General Meeting of members, at the Swan Inn on the 25 November 1829, a show of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables was held. Although the Society had only been established a month there were already 215 members.



22 October 1829

Founding Officers

President: Edward Lombe, Esq.
Vice-President: Richard Crawshay, Esq.
Treasurer: John Kitson, Esq.
Secretary: Elias Norgate, Esq.

Royal Patron:

In 1864 HRH the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) agreed to become the Society’s first Royal Patron.

The Society has maintained Royal patronage ever since.  Our current patron is HRH the Prince of Wales who became our Patron on the 1st January 2002.​