Affiliated Society and Junior classes can be found towards the end of the form.

Spring Show Entry Form


Twelve cultivars representing each of Divisions I to IV, one stem of each. To be staged in 52mm diameter, Bikini vases provided by the Society
Classes 55 - 62 open only to exhibitors who have never won a cup for daffodils at any of this Society’s shows.

Cut Flowers

Pot Plants

Plants can be shown in pots, half-pots or pans
Classes 94 & 95 Novice classes restricted to exhibitors who have never won a first prize for Cacti and/or Succulents at any of this Society’s shows.



(The Centre specimen on a dish of fruit may be supported)


Affiliated Society Classes

Junior Classes

Exhibitor Entry Fees and Notes

Entry Fees:

  1. Entry is free to paid up members or joint members of the society.
  2. Non-members fee of 50p per entry (No Maximum entry limit).

Fees are payable on arrival to exhibit.


  1. To avoid waste of time and staging space, all exhibitors are requested to refer to the show regulations and schedule, and check they are entering the right class(s).
  2. Wherever possible exhibitors should notify the Show Secretary the day before the show if they are unable to compete, or wish to withdraw an entry.